NUTRITION: Dawna’s Top 6 Nutrition Tips

There are a few basic eating rules, if followed regularly, will leave you feeling fantastic. Making these rules a part of your daily life will help sustain not only your new optimum weight, but your overall feeling of health and fitness as well.

  1. Eat breakfast every day: You will burn up to 70% more calories in the day by having a healthy breakfast. No skipping!
  2. Calorie Counting & Portion Awareness: If you regularly consume too many calories, the excess is stored as body fat. Keep a food diary with the calorie count.  It’s important that you write down everything you eat so that you can track your daily calories. We tend to forget all the little things we eat and only remember the main meals. When dining out make sure you take your calorie counter with you.  Do not hesitate to request a take-out container for the leftovers.
  3. Eat Clean:  Consume as many natural clean foods as possible; keep your digestive system healthy with fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains and remember to strengthen your bones by eating plenty of calcium-rich foods. Continue reading

TWIST-it-TUESDAY: Grab a Partner and Twist

California Moms Kourtni and Jessica team up as MoChi Twister Partners
Exercising on your own can be effective and time-efficient, but working with a partner can be beneficial as well. In addition to having someone to help keep you focused and motivated, working out with someone else can broaden your exercise selection. Here are three workout routines to try with your exercise buddy!

For a killer oblique and core workout, try a MoChi Partner Twist with the medicine ball. The two partners standing back to back, each on a single MoChi Twister, as one holds the medicine ball. Keep your abs tight and maintain upright posture. The partner with the medicine ball twists her upper body to the left while rotating her MoChi twister in the opposite direction. Her partner twists her upper body to the right while twisting her MoChi Twister in the opposite direction. As each complete the twist the first partner hands the medicine ball to her partner. Both partners then repeat the twist in the other direction and hands off the medicine ball again. The twisting motion, combined with the weight of the medicine ball, creates an effective resistance exercise for the oblique and core muscles. Repeat the twist and hand off 15 to 20 times. Continue reading

SUCCESS STORY: Twisting Makes Janet Feel Energetic

Dawna Hudson and I have been friends since we were kids. When she introduced the MoChi twister concept to me it peaked my interest. I truly know the value of working out and in fact I have a personal trainer that I work with on a regular basis. Once Dawna shared with me all the benefits I could receive from working out on the MoChi twisters, I decided it was worth a try. Wow! She was right, it truly is, as she says, an ab tightening, bun lifting, calorie burning workout. Honestly, even though I found myself having so much fun working out on the twisters, the aerobic workout I was getting from following the MoChi twister routine got my heart pounding and I was sweating the toxins out of my body. It didn’t take long and I started feeling more energetic. Continue reading