Fitness Expert Puts New Spin on Twister

Denny and Dawna Uhles, co-founders of MoChi Fitness, both understood the importance of being active and staying in shape during their youth. Denny was dynamic in track and Dawna in cheerleading and later softball and dance.

After college, Dawna opened Venus-de-Milo, an up-scale women’s fitness center, in Bakersfield, California. Her goal was to help women discover that exercising can be fun and rewarding and that their fitness goal (whatever it may be) was within reach.  Dawna received great pleasure in encouraging women to become healthier, happier and fitter. In addition to the equipment that was designed specifically for women, Venus-de-Milo exercise salons were on the cutting edge of offering a variety of live dance aerobic classes, which fit right into Dawna’s favorite past time, dancing.

Later on, living in San Francisco working several years for a title company, Dawna’s love for fitness drew her back into the fitness world when she discovered Butterfly Life, a Pioneer in the industry.  She was impressed with their unique approach to the traditional components of weight loss, nutrition, exercise and how they intergraded it with psychology, beauty and fashion. With Dawna’s enthusiasm for fitness along with her past experience in the fitness industry it was only natural she and a partner open a women’s fitness boutique in Sausalito, CA.

It was at this time Dawna recognized the many incredible health benefits the twister, a small but remarkable piece of equipment, offered her and her club members. She has spent the last four years researching and developing the MoChi “twister” fitness program, a convenient but powerful workout for all age groups and fitness levels. In January 2012, Dawna and her husband Denny, launched MoChi Fitness Inc. introducing “Twist-a-Mania” a music driven ab tightening, bun lifting, calorie burning, full body workout that can be done anywhere, any place, and any time; at home, school or the office.

Dawna continues to enjoy the benefits that fitness brings to her own life and is looking forward to the growth of MoChi “Twist-a-Mania” in America, and is especially excited to introduce the program to the corporate world as well as other organizations such as the Alzheimer’s Association and the American Heart Association.

Visit to discover more about “Twist-a-Mania” and spread the word. “Like” us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter too.

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