SUCCESS STORY: Twisting Makes Janet Feel Energetic

Dawna Hudson and I have been friends since we were kids. When she introduced the MoChi twister concept to me it peaked my interest. I truly know the value of working out and in fact I have a personal trainer that I work with on a regular basis. Once Dawna shared with me all the benefits I could receive from working out on the MoChi twisters, I decided it was worth a try. Wow! She was right, it truly is, as she says, an ab tightening, bun lifting, calorie burning workout. Honestly, even though I found myself having so much fun working out on the twisters, the aerobic workout I was getting from following the MoChi twister routine got my heart pounding and I was sweating the toxins out of my body. It didn’t take long and I started feeling more energetic. Continue reading