The Ultimate Gift of Health For Less Than $100

We’re in the home stretch before Christmas, but gift-giving is still on our minds!

In our last post, we shared 12 great gift ideas to help motivate your friends or loved ones in a healthy direction.  However, the MoChi “Twist-a-Mania” workout program is the ultimate gift that offers health benefits throughout the entire year. It’s perfect for everyone — men, women, children, and seniors — because the high-energy, fat-burning, music-driven, fun workout can be done at home, school or the office.

MoChi Fitness is fun and affordable so giving the gift of health will be easy this year. We’ve even paired up some great fitness accessories to complement each level of fitness you’re gifting, and it’s all under $100!

For the Beginner – Less than $50

This gift idea is for the ones in your life that keep saying they’ll sign up for a gym membership but never do. Gifting a Single MoChi Twister and Twist-a-Mania dvd, will bring the gym to their home and get them moving. The awesome filtering waterbobble will  also make drinking water fresh and fun!

mf.holiday1Single MoChi Twister $19.99 | Fit & Fun #1 By Dawna, Twister Routine on DVD $14.99 | Syd Waterbobble $12

For the Go-Getter – Less than $70

Got a friend who’s determined to lose their extra weight and stay healthy? The MoChi Fitness Starter Package (with two twisters, G.I.F.T. dial, dvd, and Eating Right book) will motivate them to move and eat right. Top off the gift with a fitbook pink edition to help journal their way through healthy living.

mf.holiday2MoChi Fitness Starter Package $39.99 | fitbook PINK: fitness + nutrition journal ($4 to Breast Cancer Research)  $24.99

For the Fighter – $90

Feed your friend’s fitness frenzy with the MoChi Fitness All-in-One Package. They can twist their way through 4  jam-packed dvds, listen and read all about healthy eating, and tote their fitness everywhere they need to go. Give them a resistance cord to stretch their fight for fitness across the board.

mf.holiday3MoChi Fitness All-in-One Package $69.99 | Reebok Braided Resistance Cords $19.99

Tips to Gift

Being active in short intervals several times throughout the day is just as important as a pre- or post-workout sweat session. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, being sedentary for several hours daily can cause health issues like heart-disease and depression. Keeping your body in motion with 5-10 minute exercise breaks three to four times throughout the day can make a difference in your overall health.  With the portable MoChi “Twist-a-Mania” program you can conveniently transport the twisters to school or to the office making it easy to power up the motion in your body and offering health benefits that can add years to your life.

What other fitness accessories would you give your friends and how would it help their fight for a healthy life?

*This is in no way a sponsored/paid post. All opinions given are our own.

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