Holiday Stress-Eating? Snack On This!

Thanksgiving is over, but the season of holiday eating isn’t! The next few weeks of last minute shopping, office Christmas parties, and family get-togethers will leave us eating more (aka snacking to ward off stress) than usual, so we’ve drafted a few snack saviors to help us get through the rest of the season in a healthy and non-guilty fashion:

  • The ‘erries – Blueberries, cranberries, and even cherries are packed with a lot of punch. Blueberries give a much needed energy boost, cranberries help protect from diseases and infections, and cherries are the fruit of choice for weight maintenance.
  • Persimmons – These sweet & savory fruits always seem to be under the radar, but they’re in the spotlight on ours. They’re full of fiber and Vitamin A. Eat them ripe and on a full stomach because they can react to an acidic environment, causing an intestinal obstruction called a bezoar.
  • Nuts – Put those beautiful nutcrackers to use and add some crunch to your palate. Nutrition profiles vary for each nut but almonds, hazelnuts, and peanuts boast the highest Vitamin E content per serving, a powerful antioxidant essential for metabolic processes and also good for preventing the development of arterial plaque (which can cause heart attacks).
  • Dark Chocolate – It’s truly a sweet fact when you find out that dark chocolate can be good for you. Not only does its natural antioxidants help with good cardiovascular health, but its chemical compounds also help with your mood. Snack and be merry, you deserve it!
  • Homemade Kettle Corn –  We love popcorn because it satisfies, but doesn’t spoil your appetite! And the healthy part about making it yourself? You control the sugar. Try using Rapunzel Organic Whole Cane Sugar (it retains most of the sugar cane’s minerals and vitamins).

Photo: The Healthy Housewife

2 thoughts on “Holiday Stress-Eating? Snack On This!

  1. I just snack away on roasted butternut squash! Oh and cannot forget it’s cousin, spaghetti squash! YUM! 🙂

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