Question: You suffered a series of knee injuries and as a result, your mobility was limited. What made you decide to try a twisting board for exercise?
Answer: A series of knee injuries permanently changed my active lifestyle. I missed the fun of dancing and (fitness) of working out at the gym. But, I refused to live a sedentary existence, so I set out to create a fitness program that would combine my love of dancing, hiking and perpetual movement with music, passion and lively fun to insure a more youthful body. Read more about Dawna’s fitness background HERE.

Q: With various twisting apparatus on the market, why did you decide to design your own?
A: Making the decision to design our own MoChi twisters was vitally important to us. It offers MoChi Fitness Inc., the opportunity to be brand recognized and assures us better quality control, and most importantly, opportunity to offer excellent customer service to our customers.Q: What sets the MoChi Twister apart from other twisters?
A: Testing many other brands on the market we found that the average use of the twister before clasping was approximately 20 hours. We designed our twisters using advanced technology and molding methods for a superior light weight product. We have incorporated an abundance of steel ball bearings to reduce friction making the MoChi twisters an extremely durable piece of exercise equipment that will sustain a long life span.

Q: What’s playing on your MP3 player when you’re working out on your MoChi?

Rock & Roll
Stronger – (What Doesn’t Kill You)
Hit Me With Your Best Shot
Boom Boom Pow
Sexy & I Know It
We’re Gonna Take It

All I Want to Do
I Like it I Love It
Love Story

Boom Bombero
Mi Negra
Ojos Asi (really great for Ab workout)
Cool Down
Take My Breath Away

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