TWIST-it-TUESDAY: Grab a Partner and Twist

California Moms Kourtni and Jessica team up as MoChi Twister Partners
Exercising on your own can be effective and time-efficient, but working with a partner can be beneficial as well. In addition to having someone to help keep you focused and motivated, working out with someone else can broaden your exercise selection. Here are three workout routines to try with your exercise buddy!

For a killer oblique and core workout, try a MoChi Partner Twist with the medicine ball. The two partners standing back to back, each on a single MoChi Twister, as one holds the medicine ball. Keep your abs tight and maintain upright posture. The partner with the medicine ball twists her upper body to the left while rotating her MoChi twister in the opposite direction. Her partner twists her upper body to the right while twisting her MoChi Twister in the opposite direction. As each complete the twist the first partner hands the medicine ball to her partner. Both partners then repeat the twist in the other direction and hands off the medicine ball again. The twisting motion, combined with the weight of the medicine ball, creates an effective resistance exercise for the oblique and core muscles. Repeat the twist and hand off 15 to 20 times.

The medicine ball chest pass trains your arms, shoulders and chest while the MoChi Twisters work the lower portion of the body. Each partner using two (2) MoChi Twisters stands about 4 feet away from one another. Use quick, vigorous passes, making sure you catch the ball without letting it hit your chest, but maintain accuracy so you do not injure your partner. Keep the back and forth twisting motion on the MoChi Twisters very tight. By following an unyielding tense back and forth rotation motion of (5 X 5) on the MoChi Dial, will engage and intensify the flex in the gluts, quads, and core muscles while passing the medicine ball to your partner.

Intertwine the tubes, holding one handle each in your right and left hands. Back away from one-another, arms fully extended, until there is some resistance on the tube. Each partner steps onto two (2) MoChi Twisters and begin rotating the twisters back and forth with each foot centered on the twisters between hip and shoulder width apart. Slowly pull the tube, leading with one elbow and then with the other, driving them backward. As you’re rowing backward, pinch your shoulder blades together. To intensify your work-out, bend your knees squatting toward the ground and then back up – slowly repeat up and then down. Complete 1 set of 8 -20 reps. This partner exercise works the upper body; helps strengthen the legs and improves posture.

For more partner exercises using the MoChi Twisters call 661-393-1131 or e-mail and request a free list of MoChi Twister Partner exercises.


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